Advantages of LED strip lights for kitchen


LED strip lights are the most convenient type of lighting that can be installed in any part of the house. One of the most appropriate places that most people prefer to install the lights is in the kitchen. This is because the led light strip for the kitchen is very flexible to fix and also very slim. The lights can be installed in the kitchen cabinets, sink, and kitchen tables, under counters and even on taps. For the led lights to function, they need a transformer, or you can purchase the ones that have an inbuilt standard plug that is attached to them. You can also get an electrician to connect them to the main current in the house. In this article, we give the reason as to why you should choose the led light strips for your kitchen all the time.

Use less electricity

The led strip lights for your kitchen will help you in saving energy because they will consume less power. Theirgfbvvh electricity consumption is measured in watts, since they use fewer watts, then you will be able to pay fewer electricity bills. As opposed to fluorescent bulbs that consume 15 watts, the led strips use 7.2 watts which is way less than the traditional lights. For this reason, you should consider installing the led strip lights because they are affordable and since they do not consume a lot of electricity.


Another advantage of led strip lights for the kitchen is that the lights will last for a longer time. The lights are not affected by electricity when it is moving through them, and for this case, they do not move or shake as compared to other conventional methods of lighting. Due to this factor, they lights stay still, and you will not experience any electrical faults in your kitchen.

Can be cut

gghjbnbjThe good thing about the led strip lights is that they can be cut. The light strips are cut into pieces that are appropriate for the space that you want to install them. Similarly cutting this kind of lights is easily achieved and very safe because they have features cutting points that help to shorten or to separate the strips.

Produce less heat

Fourthly another advantage of the led strip lights getting installed in your kitchen is that the lights do not produce a lot of heat. This makes them safe to be fixed in the kitchen since they are less risky than the incandescent and halogen bulbs which tend to generate a lot of heat when in use.…

How to choose a computer shop


Computer shops are very significant in delivering technological assistance to the people. It is the computer shops that sell and repair damaged computers. Computer stores also give information about new advancements that are taking place. There are some computer shops that offer the above services. When buying a computer, you might not know the best place to buy your computer in a mostly used computer store. This is because there are several such shops. Because of the many shops, you are therefore advised to consider factors that will enable you to determine the best shop with the best services. Listed here are some of the factors to consider.

Specialization of the store

When looking for a computer shop to buy your computer, you should check on the specialization of the store. It hjsahsis crucial to buy from a company that has specialized in the area of your need. You should check if the shop deals with laptops or desktops or both. Even in cases where the prices are high, it is essential you select a store that will handle your needs. If in a case where you need a laptop then you will have to get a computer shop that is very good in the sale of laptops.

The prices of shop

This is an important aspect that one should consider when selecting the best computer shop. In most instances getting to choose the cheap deals will not be a good idea. This is because computers are very efficient in performing tasks, but with a bad laptop then your tasks will not be executed as expected. Some stores charge their consultation services whereas others offer free services. For this case, you should consider what your needs are.

Availability of the computer shop

hjsuysComputers are machines that can stop functioning at any given time. For such a case you will need somebody to fix the problem immediately. Therefore you should buy a computer from a store that can repair or fix your computer instantly. If you use your laptop throughout, then you will need to fix as soon as the laptop stops working. Therefore it is crucial to get a method of communication that you can use to contact the computer shop to help you fix the laptop.

Consider the experience

A computer shop with several years of experience in the sell, trade, and repair of computers is likely to be the best to work with. This is because the shop will work hard to satisfy their customers since they have learned about the pros and Don’ts of the business


Divi vs Avada: most popular WordPress themes compared



The Divi and Avada WordPress themes by ThemeForest and Elegant Themes respectively have continued to awe bloggers with their great blogging tools. These themes are on top of the list of the most popular multi-purpose WordPress themes. Read on if you were looking for information on Divi vs Avada: most popular WordPress themes compared.

Similarities and differences between the Divi and Avada themes

22kmblklknlkThe Divi and Avada WordPress themes are both multi-purpose themes that make blogging a sweet piece of cake. They allow you to make a fully-fledged blog from a simple pre-made layout. They are both great themes which are easy to install and use. Nonetheless, there are subtle differences between them. For example, when using the Avada theme, you need to register and verify your registration before you can access premium features. There is the good side of this, but arguably, it wastes the user’s time. You do not need to register to access premium features when you are using the Divi theme. You can apply the Divi theme on more than one blog without registering or paying an extra dime.

User-friendliness of the Divi and Avada themes

Let us consider how these themes help users to build their blogs. Both Divi and Avada themes have user guidelines and tutorials that help users walk on the path of glory when building their blogs. You do not need to have excellent coding skills to use either of these themes. Everything is made ready for you to use. However, some bloggers like the organization of Divi’s tutorials and demonstration videos more than those of the Avada theme. On a different note, while the Divi theme provides a plethora of layouts to serve as starting points for bloggers, the Avada theme goes the extra mile- a blogger can import a complete demo website and add his or her content.

Users of the Divi theme can also modify the appearance of their mobile sites. The split testing feature of this theme is worth honorable mention. This feature allows bloggers to create several versions of the same blog page and choose the one that seems to work best. The front-end editing feature that comes with this theme is also of great help to bloggers, allowing them to see changes they make on their blog in real-time. These features are either not available in the Avada theme, or they are not as well developed as they are in the Divi theme.

Who wins when we talk about beauty?

33mnbjbvjkbnBeauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but when comparing the aesthetic quality of both the Avada and Divi themes, the Avada would carry the day. Its great graphics, fonts, and colors are likely to attract readers to your blog and keep them coming back for more. That is if my opinion counts.

In summary, if you know how both the Avada and Divi themes work, you know that there is only a very thin line between them. May be some features that are important to you are offered in a better version by either of the two themes. May be one of them looks better to you than the other. Any of these themes will help you achieve your blogging goals and objectives.…

Ring video doorbell


Babies are a precious thing, and cameras are definitely need to ensure the safety and protection. As life progresses and moves forward things change and people’s lives change. With that in mind, cameras are a safety precaution for babies. Safety cameras allow for parents to feel very comfortable while going about their daily lives.


The cameras allow for parents to move freely about while still keeping an eye on their infant. Thankfully, cameras are
much cheaper nowadays and very affordable for the everyday parent. It is very wise to get one because it allows the parents to feel a sense of security even they won’t feel looking at the baby with both eyes. Security cameras give the parents and an extra set of eyes on the baby and will no doubt help them to feel more safe and secure. As technology progresses, cameras are outfitted with more useful features that help aid in protecting a baby. Sensors are added as well to ensure that the infant is well protected and kept safe.


2Thankfully technology keeps getting better and better, and parents can order video monitors for their infants so that they really a sense of safety when having to the leave the sight of their child. Some come equipped with several cameras that ensure the safety of an infant as well. This gives the parents an even greater sense of security when leaving their infant alone. Motorola is a popular brand that people trust to buy cameras for their babies. Sound, cameras and other features are equipped to help the parent feel safe when they have to leave the room and leave their baby all alone.

Ring doorbell elite

The ring doorbell elite has a very stealthy look to it. The look it has keeps it very hidden and nice and stealthy. The size is about a couple of inches or so making it very easy to put somewhere without making it too obvious. An Ethernet cable connection is needed besides WiFi, and this is a good plus because always having to rely on a WiFi connection might not always be good. The Ethernet connection is very reliable and will make the parents of the child feel very safe and secure when they set it up. To add to the customization part, it comes with plates that can be changed to match the color of your home to the householders liking. The sound and video quality of it is top notch, and the householder will not have any problems with setting it up and having to view or hear videos.

Ring Video Doorbell

3when it comes to its battery life, sensor and HD camera. It has a very easy set up which makes it easier for the householder to use overall. Regarding the motion detection, the householder can choose when they want to have it on or off. This is great because it allows for great flexibility and usage for the parents. It allows them to feel more in control of their baby’s safety and protection. This is very important to the the parents. Ring Video Doorbell 2 Review is great for information on this subject.…

Project Management Tools – Trello vs Asana

e3r4t5yr6ydtWhen it comes to project management, there are tools that are used by the project managers for a smooth running of the project. Research shows that most of the successful projects done, project managers applied this tools to make it simpler for them. Project management tools break down big tasks into smaller tasks thus making work more organized and presentable to the client. The main reason as to why project managers use these tools during the project is because they analyze, predict possible outcomes and efficient and effective communication to the clients and project stakeholders.

Note that project tools hold a bigger part in a project. In today’s world, project management has been made easier due to the emergence of project management apps. Some of the project management tools especially for web designers include Trello and Asana which we will be looking in this article. Since they are all considered to be two of the best tools in town, we will be diving into these two to find which one is more suitable. As a matter of fact, beewits sought to compare Trello to Asana and from their comprehensive comparison article, there was no clear winner. However, we will seek to debunk some of the hotly contested differences.


This is the summary between Trello and Asana. When it comes to Trello, it is a project management tool which can be used in anything where there is a limited team. It is no doubt that Trello is friendly because it can be used anywhere and on anything. Whether you are working on your home and own projects or building a website, it’s more vulnerable since anyone can use it. Asana, on the other hand, is made or intended for projects that are a bit more precise process. Asana is more task-oriented in project management. It breaks down deliverables into small tasks. This makes the tasks easier for the project managers. Asana is mostly used by a small number of teams working on the same project.3r4t56urter


You would want to do something that works within your budget especially when it comes to project management. Pricing is one of the important things to consider when deciding on which and what project management software to use. You do not want to spend more than you had planned. That is the reason as to why you have to put the prices into consideration when making this decision. It advisable that you that you consider that saves your costs and offers high productivity. When it comes to Trello, you might spend $0 to $9 per month. As you use it regularly, you will be forced to upgrade your version forcing you to pay more. On the other hand, Asana starts at $0 to $8.33 per month. It can apply up to 15 members. You can put your pricing considerations on this two and choose which one works for you best.…

Popular Web Design Trends


Web design is one of the creative fields and latest design trends keep on evolving and changing. With appearance of new technologies and innovation, the capability to create functional and unique sites has become much possible. The following are popular web design trends:

Emerging issues in web design

Bold typography

Use of bold, beautgedf623yerf7u238eui29i2tiful, and typography has ability to create appropriate tone, create personality, and evoke emotion. With sharper screen resolutions, you will find the text to be quite easy to use. The major benefit of this option is dynamic text, which works in combination with image layering and parallax scrolling.

Custom illustrations

Illustrations are quite versatile solutions to add to the unique visuals. The playful and friendly illustrations are quite simple, but effective way to include a touch of fun to a website. Skilled illustrators can create designs, which are fully tailored to match the personality and tone of the brand. As online marketing continues to become overcrowded, it is better to do something that is quite different to stand out. Custom illustrations can be used in various parts of your website including custom header images and iconography.

Authentic photography

When you create a website using authentic photography helps create most respected and appealing brands. The majority of websites rely on stock photos, which can be detected by search engines as not being original. For instance, how hard is it to build websites with exhibeo web galleries. By hiring the services of skilled photographers, it is quite easy to get most custom and authentic photography, which matches related content on a page.

Mobile-first approach

With ever increasingegdfc623werf6yu23e7ru82i292 popularity of the mobile platforms, there are several websites, which are built with mobile-first approach. This approach means that limitation of mobile platforms like small screen size ought to be taken into the account. This means less information and content on the screen. This helps to ensure the core message is connected. Moreover, websites do include additional content or whistles and visual bells, which are commonly reserved for the large screen devices. By undertaking the appropriate design principles when working on new website, it is quite possible to create something, which is unique and attracts the right audience.

In this era, if your business is not online, then you are practically extinct. The majority of businesses has realized this and is now creating websites. Although these websites increase your online presence, recent studies show that business owners are now making several web design mistakes. It is necessary to hire a reputable web design company to avoid making such mistakes.…

Importance of using a CMS


The need to get a website is inevitable for most people, and lucky for them, all that is required is for them to hire a designer and get on with it. While this is very easy and straight forward, it hides a lot of the complications that go into making websites.

What most people might not understand is that what the designer does is just the tip of the iceberg. In reality, there is the part where the files of the websites are stored in a server, then the updates and other content has to be written in a web language called HTML so that web browsers can understand it and render it.


Luckily for you, you don’t have to do any of that. Using a CMS, or Content Managements System, updating your website becomes as easy as typing using a word processor like Microsoft Word. It is for this reason that you have to be thankful and use CMS to manage your website. Here are the advantages they avail to every end user.

Benefits of CMS

Better online branding

To better brand your website, it is best to use a CMS to do all the heavy lifting. With a good CMS, you will be able to install themes, and easily add branding features such as logos, customized emails and so forth.

Easier to manage content

With a CMS managing content which entails creation, editing, and deleting articles becomes very easy. All you have to do is take your time, come up with the content, and using an inbuilt rich text editor, avail well-decorated content without having to be a techie.

Without a CMS, adding content becomes problematic. Also, CMS’s make use of databases to store the content; compared to hosting single HTML static pages, this is much better as it keeps the inode value of your hosting server down. The node of a server, are the total number of files and directories in a server. If a given node is exceeded, you will have to pay for more inodes.


With a CMS, you can quickly add more functionality via the use of plugins. Every CMS has a plugin system which allows developers to create add-ons that allow users to add functionality to their websites.

Creating secure websites

The best thing about using a CMS is that you do not have to ever worry about security. Website security is one of the most complex endeavors that anyone can ever take on. CMS creators caring for this, and always provide patches and updates regularly.

Qualities of a good web designer


With everything taking the virtual route, it is necessary for every entity, whether personal or public, to get a web presence. The best way to do this is by getting a website and making sure that has an intuitive and interactive user interface through web design.

If you are looking to create a website, then you have to know how to find the right person to do it for you. Web designers are professionals that specialize in creating websites, and you have to find the best to ensure that your site looks stunning and robust. If you are searching for the one right now, here is are the qualities to watch out for.

Properties of a good web designer

Knows SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process through which a website is optimized so thlksdnvlkasnlkdnvlksdalvknsladknvlknsadlnvlksadnvasdat it ranks better on search engines. This is a good way to ensure that your website reaches a wider audience, especially if the site is meant to bring a lot of profit.

Before you hire any web designer, make sure that they are well aware of SEO and know what they are doing. Do some research, learn the basics, and use that knowledge to interview the potential web designer.

Learning about SEO is also very important as it plays a great role in helping you post content that will do well on the internet.


There is no one way to do things when it comes to web design, and this is why you have to get a resourceful web designer. A good designer will use several tools and methods to get a particular result. The best way to tell that a designer is ingenious is looking at their portfolio and view their skills. The more the skills, the more the resourcefulness.

Good communicator

If you are building a website in 2017, the then chances are that you will handle all your transactions online. And for this reason, you have to make sure that you work with a designer that is a good communicator. This will ensure that your demands and met, and no information is lost in translation.


jskdjbvkjbsakdbvksajbdkvjbsakdjvbksjbdvkjbasdkjvsadvasdIn case you have a massive project, then you want to ensure that you get enough designers and developers to finish it in due course. For this reason, you need to hire a designer that is collaborative so as to ensure smooth development while working with other members.…