How to choose a computer shop


Computer shops are very significant in delivering technological assistance to the people. It is the computer shops that sell and repair damaged computers. Computer stores also give information about new advancements that are taking place. There are some computer shops that offer the above services. When buying a computer, you might not know the best place to buy your computer in a mostly used computer store. This is because there are several such shops. Because of the many shops, you are therefore advised to consider factors that will enable you to determine the best shop with the best services. Listed here are some of the factors to consider.

Specialization of the store

When looking for a computer shop to buy your computer, you should check on the specialization of the store. It hjsahsis crucial to buy from a company that has specialized in the area of your need. You should check if the shop deals with laptops or desktops or both. Even in cases where the prices are high, it is essential you select a store that will handle your needs. If in a case where you need a laptop then you will have to get a computer shop that is very good in the sale of laptops.

The prices of shop

This is an important aspect that one should consider when selecting the best computer shop. In most instances getting to choose the cheap deals will not be a good idea. This is because computers are very efficient in performing tasks, but with a bad laptop then your tasks will not be executed as expected. Some stores charge their consultation services whereas others offer free services. For this case, you should consider what your needs are.

Availability of the computer shop

hjsuysComputers are machines that can stop functioning at any given time. For such a case you will need somebody to fix the problem immediately. Therefore you should buy a computer from a store that can repair or fix your computer instantly. If you use your laptop throughout, then you will need to fix as soon as the laptop stops working. Therefore it is crucial to get a method of communication that you can use to contact the computer shop to help you fix the laptop.

Consider the experience

A computer shop with several years of experience in the sell, trade, and repair of computers is likely to be the best to work with. This is because the shop will work hard to satisfy their customers since they have learned about the pros and Don’ts of the business


Project Management Tools – Trello vs Asana

e3r4t5yr6ydtWhen it comes to project management, there are tools that are used by the project managers for a smooth running of the project. Research shows that most of the successful projects done, project managers applied this tools to make it simpler for them. Project management tools break down big tasks into smaller tasks thus making work more organized and presentable to the client. The main reason as to why project managers use these tools during the project is because they analyze, predict possible outcomes and efficient and effective communication to the clients and project stakeholders.

Note that project tools hold a bigger part in a project. In today’s world, project management has been made easier due to the emergence of project management apps. Some of the project management tools especially for web designers include Trello and Asana which we will be looking in this article. Since they are all considered to be two of the best tools in town, we will be diving into these two to find which one is more suitable. As a matter of fact, beewits sought to compare Trello to Asana and from their comprehensive comparison article, there was no clear winner. However, we will seek to debunk some of the hotly contested differences.


This is the summary between Trello and Asana. When it comes to Trello, it is a project management tool which can be used in anything where there is a limited team. It is no doubt that Trello is friendly because it can be used anywhere and on anything. Whether you are working on your home and own projects or building a website, it’s more vulnerable since anyone can use it. Asana, on the other hand, is made or intended for projects that are a bit more precise process. Asana is more task-oriented in project management. It breaks down deliverables into small tasks. This makes the tasks easier for the project managers. Asana is mostly used by a small number of teams working on the same project.3r4t56urter


You would want to do something that works within your budget especially when it comes to project management. Pricing is one of the important things to consider when deciding on which and what project management software to use. You do not want to spend more than you had planned. That is the reason as to why you have to put the prices into consideration when making this decision. It advisable that you that you consider that saves your costs and offers high productivity. When it comes to Trello, you might spend $0 to $9 per month. As you use it regularly, you will be forced to upgrade your version forcing you to pay more. On the other hand, Asana starts at $0 to $8.33 per month. It can apply up to 15 members. You can put your pricing considerations on this two and choose which one works for you best.…